April 17, 2024

Crepuscular Dreams

A poem.

Crepuscular Dreams

Crepuscular Dreams

Night. Yet morning.
Crepuscular. Cool.

Half-awake. Half-asleep.
Quiet but for the whispered secrets of invertebrates.

Just then, an emergent glow.

As night surrenders to birdsong,
Dreamers wake and face the dawn.

. . .
Copyright © 2019 Todd Warner, rev20221112
This poem, in slightly different form, first appeared in County Lines: A Literary Journal, volume 7, 2020.

Photo: Morning on the Farm, taken as the sun peeked above the horizon around 7 am on October 14, 2018.

This poem of a mere seven lines took over a month of edits to get to a publishable state. Even after publication I edited it several more times. I think I am finally settled on this revision from 2022. (Writing is hard.) The idea for the poem sprang into my mind one summer morning as I sipped my coffee and watched the sun rise from my front porch. "Crepuscular Dreams" is definitely one of my favorites.

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