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Who in the world am I? Ah, that's the great puzzle.
―Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

Errant Ruminant*
. . . the official web presence for Todd Warner.


Todd and his wife Monica live on and farm a small homestead in North Carolina (USA). When not chasing errant beasties and mending fences, they both serve as real estate brokers operating throughout the Raleigh-Durham region. Additionally, Todd continues to dabble in various technical (computer) projects, all the while striving to carve out some time to write. Alas, the writing often gets short shrift as he commonly finds himself distracted by the responsibilities associated with wide-open acreage, fitful weather, and, of course, errant ruminants.

This site is intended to capture at least some of that activity.

If you wish to contact Todd, please review the details found here.


Curriculum vitae minimus

farm ~ hack ~ write ~ real estate


  • Writer:
    for me: poetry, prose (essay, memoir, fiction), journaling, blogging
    for others: editing, freelance, and for a regional literary journal
  • Farmer, Tandem Farms: honey bees, poultry, ruminants, a smidge of gardening
  • Real Estate Broker, Tandem Realty: helping people buy and sell homes
  • Tech Contributor: hacking, documentation, packaging, and other open-source technical dabblings


  • Soldier, US military: combat arms
  • Tech Drone, several software companies: coding, engineering manager, product manager, technical sales, documentation, marketing
  • Journalist/Columnist, a fintech ezine: biweekly columnist


  • Chess. I play a bit. Come find me on LiChesss or Real-world rating of 800 to 1200
  • Hunting, fishing, birding, hiking, stream-exploring, rock-flipping


Publications, Works in Progress, Blogs

Submissions, Works in Progress, Blogs

—works currently seeking publication

  • Short Memoir: "The Five-Second Rule"
  • Flash Fiction: "Stormbreak"

—novel, status: 1st draft ~50% complete

Premise/Logline: With the world on the brink of collapse, a North Carolina farmer endures a terrible tragedy only to have responsibility thrust upon him in the form of a girl on the run.

Miscellaneous Works in Progress
—works currently in draft

  • Short Fiction: "Vulture"
  • Short Fiction: "A Picnic in the Park"
  • Poetry: … a number of poems
  • Novel: Saeculum (see above)

Ruminations (blog)
Personal—whatever scratches my itch

Todd's musings and ruminations—a reflective, instructive, prescriptive, and (hopefully) constructive blog covering . . . all the things.

Makin' Hay (blog)
Farming, food, agriculture, the environment

Farm stories and perspectives . . . Tandem Farms.

Works Published

County Lines, vol 11, 2024
—published, Dec 03, 2023, ISBN 9798864205518 - (Amazon)

County Lines is a well-respected literary journal published by the Carolina Piedmont Literary Guild. I was honored to have my work included in this marvelous anthology.

  • Short-short Fiction: "That Guy"
  • Poem: "Amanda Takes the Stage"
  • Poem: "Adrift"
  • Poem: "Why and What For?"

County Lines, vol 10, 2023
—published, Oct 17, 2022, ISBN 9798356027246 - (Bookshop), (Amazon)

County Lines is a well-respected literary journal published by the Carolina Piedmont Literary Guild. I was proud to have my personal narrative included in their 10th-anniversary volume.

  • Short Memoir: "Date Night: Misadventures in Teen Romance"

County Lines, vol 7, 2020
—published, Dec 1, 2019, ISBN 9781700507600 - (Amazon)

County Lines is a well-respected literary journal published by the Carolina Piedmont Literary Guild. I was honored to have two of my poems included in this marvelous anthology.

  • Poem: "Crepuscular Dreams"
  • Poem: "That Dog"


  • Errant Ruminant   / ˈɛɹənt ˈru mə nənt /


  1. an individual who strives to break free from the flock, venturing out on their own—if even only for a moment—in search of something better, unique, more meaningful, or fulfilling
  2. a deep yet original thinker
  3. a particularly adventurous sheep, goat, cow, or deer
  • Though Todd Warner can sometimes be found typing away in various cafes and libraries scattered throughout the North Carolina Piedmont, you can often find him tied to his writer's desk at home on the farm. If you wish to contact Todd, please review the contact details found [here].

  • Missing from this list are the gobs of corporate work I have performed (marketing and technical writing), as well as the articles written during my stint as a columnist for a small fintech publication.

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