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Version 1

Todd Warner lives on a small farm in the North Carolina Piedmont with his wife, dog, and bucolic menagerie. When not chasing down errant beasties or messing with bees, he partners with his wife in the real estate industry. In the betweens, he enjoys fiddling with the written word. Visit him at

Version 2

Though Todd Warner can sometimes be found typing away in various cafes and libraries scattered throughout the North Carolina Piedmont, you can often find him tied to his writer's desk at home on the farm. Visit him at

Version 3

Todd Warner writes from his historic home and farm set amongst the rolling hills of the North Carolina Piedmont somewhere north of Raleigh-Durham. When not writing, he can often be found repairing fences, tending sheep, messing with bees, or spending time with his wife and pup. He also loves to take long walks, imagining he is another Thoreau or Muir or perhaps a slightly more cheerful Edward Abbey. Visit him at

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